More About Us

     My twin sister and I are sewing away here  in the heart of Vermont, one in a log cabin, the other down the road, both with sewing rooms overlooking the lovely Kedron Brook.
      Christmas morning when we were nine years old, we received a sewing machine and  have been creating ever since. Along the way we raised families, and among many other things, taught handwork at our Waldorf School. There we loved teaching children how to knit, sew, felt, and weave, but more importantly, helping to instill in them at a very young age that they can make and do whatever they decide to do. Working on knitting or sewing  while sitting in waiting rooms or public places, I am often stopped by someone who looks at my project in the making and says, “I could never do that.” My reply, is  "Of course you can, if you want to.”
      My sister and I began a sewing program for women in a local prison. There we saw the healing power of someone learning she can sew an “outa here bag” to have when she walked out of those prison doors.
     Our latest love is vintage. Opening our first antique 1940's mail order apron pattern and holding those unprinted tissue paper pieces, we were hooked. Now we are sewing aprons made from our antique patterns for all ages (even dolls) on Etsy and baby bibs too.