Saturday, August 10, 2013

We found blue!

           Blue Star Vermont has two dedicated rooms in our house (although my patient and loving husband might point out the times when it seems to take over the whole house) These two rooms are swimming in color. Bolts and bolts of vibrant color.  We love color.  I bet you can guess our favorite color. Yes, it is blue, of course. I have been searching for a great blue fabric for aprons for quite a while now.
           I finally found not one, but two.  The first is a delicious treat.  Blueberry muffins, popping fresh out of the oven in their wonderful blue checked paper muffin cups. We had to pick a vintage pattern for this fabric and went for a  1950's swingy, dancy skirt and our favorite  flattering sweetheart neckline. Here's our Vintage Apron in Blueberry Muffins and our Oven Mitt in Blueberry 
Muffins to match.
           Our second blue apron, just in time for blueberry picking season, is our Women's Apron in Blueberries.  This blueberries print is a sweet and as blue as it gets. Wonderful blueberries in gorgeous shades of cobalt blues, set off with a leafy green.  For the shape of this apron,  I decided on something new.  I adapted a 1950's pattern to give it just a bit of swing to the skirt, for those who want  just a bit of feminine and flirty fun. Check out that blueberry of a two-tone flapped pocket. Of course there is an Oven Mitt is Blueberries to match.
     So now you can choose blue at Blue Star Vermont!