Saturday, August 10, 2013

We found blue!

           Blue Star Vermont has two dedicated rooms in our house (although my patient and loving husband might point out the times when it seems to take over the whole house) These two rooms are swimming in color. Bolts and bolts of vibrant color.  We love color.  I bet you can guess our favorite color. Yes, it is blue, of course. I have been searching for a great blue fabric for aprons for quite a while now.
           I finally found not one, but two.  The first is a delicious treat.  Blueberry muffins, popping fresh out of the oven in their wonderful blue checked paper muffin cups. We had to pick a vintage pattern for this fabric and went for a  1950's swingy, dancy skirt and our favorite  flattering sweetheart neckline. Here's our Vintage Apron in Blueberry Muffins and our Oven Mitt in Blueberry 
Muffins to match.
           Our second blue apron, just in time for blueberry picking season, is our Women's Apron in Blueberries.  This blueberries print is a sweet and as blue as it gets. Wonderful blueberries in gorgeous shades of cobalt blues, set off with a leafy green.  For the shape of this apron,  I decided on something new.  I adapted a 1950's pattern to give it just a bit of swing to the skirt, for those who want  just a bit of feminine and flirty fun. Check out that blueberry of a two-tone flapped pocket. Of course there is an Oven Mitt is Blueberries to match.
     So now you can choose blue at Blue Star Vermont!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Grilling Time is Coming!

        The snow is  finally melting here in Vermont! Yes, patches of dirt are beginning to show in our yard.  That means grilling time is around the corner. Although we know many of you are dedicated year round grillers, no matter what the temperature is outside. To celebrate the upcoming warm and sunny seasons, we have added two new Studly Mens Aprons to our shop.
       First, our Mens Hot Chili Pepper Apron. Could this be the perfect apron for your favorite Hot Tamale?    We adapted a wonderful old "his and hers" apron pattern from the 1950s (the gentleman shown in the pattern was smoking a pipe) and warmed it up in this terrific red and green print packed with chili peppers.  We think this apron is smokin' hot. Fully lined in black cotton, this apron is substantial and really does a good job of protecting clothes from any splatter.
     Look left to see our other new apron. Holy cow! What a great burger flippin' apron. Check out these mouth watering  burgers. They've got lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sesame seed buns, even bacon. To finish it off, we added that  ketchup red pocket. We were told by our vegetarians friends that those flying burgers were veggie burgers, so we know this apron will appeal to everyone.  This Mens Burger Flippin' Apron is generously sized and with extra long 35" back ties and that nifty d-ring at the neck strap, it is made to fit the biggest guys.
     And like that favorite boyfriend shirt, these aprons just might get snagged by you know

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Romantic Roses for Valentines Day

       Looking for a perfect Valentine gift? How about roses that will never wilt?  Our newest Womens Apron in Romantic Roses. Pretty and practical too! Painted in 16 different vibrant colors from deep crimson to magenta to orange, these roses are gorgeous.
        This is our latest apron adapted from one of all time favorite vintage patterns, a 1940's Marian Martin mail order pattern which we call our "Comes to a Point" Apron. Remember the days of those wonderful swingy skirts of the 40's and 50's? This apron captures captures that skirt. Enjoyed on many different body types, it always gets a big thumbs up. With that lovely swing to the skirt, a hemline that dips to a point, and topped off with a sweetheart neckline, this apron is sure to please. It has lots of extra detailing including contrasting ties, wide pink bias trim and a striking angular pocket set off with luscious silky sateen ruffling.
      This romantic apron makes a wonderful wedding gift, bridesmaid gift, gift for your sweetie, or maybe simply a great gift to yourself.