Sunday, November 11, 2012

On the Road

      Blue Star Vermont is now taking our shop on the road! Yes, we have enjoyed packing up our shop to bring our aprons to craft fairs. It has been a great way to meet the wonderful people who buy our aprons. And the stories, so many stories... We had one woman at a show last weekend become very nostalgic looking at our swing skirt apron with the comes to a point hemline from our 1940's pattern. She said she fondly remembers her mother wearing that apron pattern. It was her “good” apron that she wore as her hostess apron. 
      Our craft fairs are one time where we, as twins, indulge in dressing alike and of course, wear our aprons. There are lots of double takes. But we were truly touched at one show when three different sets of adult women twins came to our booth beaming with smiles. Three set of twins at once! It is not often that we see adult women twins together because people's lives take them all across the country and miles away from each other. One set of the twins through adoption had been separated at birth and didn't know the other twin existed until well into adulthood. One twin lived in Hawaii and the other in Vermont. Reunited, they now live next door to each other in Vermont. We all loved sharing our favorite twin moments. I shared that Molly and I realized one day we both had randomly set up combination of numbers for our bank account pass code that were identical! One of the other set of twins had done the same thing!