Monday, February 27, 2012

Mens Flame Aprons Have Arrived! And What About For the Women?

We have loved making our vintage aprons for women, but what about those wonderful men in the kitchen and at the grill? You have asked for it and now we have it. A Blue Star Vermont apron for men! We finally found an antique pattern and a fabric that we are excited about for those great guys. The pattern is a vintage 1950's “his and hers” pattern. It's a hoot. You can see the gentleman in the photo of the pattern smoking his pipe with the lovely lady looking quite demure. Can you believe the original pattern cost only $.25? Those were the days.

As for the fabric, we wanted it to be fun. Well, we found a great fabric in our flame print. Then to make this apron even better, why not make it reversible? It is practical. Two temperatures to choose from. There's a striking black background on one side with a fabulous flame pocket, or turn up the heat all the way with all that fire on the other side. No wonder Kate Payne in her blog: The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking called it our “Studly Man Apron.” Could this be the perfect apron for your favorite flame?
When Liam, our wonderful model for the Studly Man Apron, finished with the photographing, he said “How about a women's apron to match?” We could heat up the scene on that vintage “his and hers” pattern and send it spinning with our hot flame print on the woman's apron. Then I thought what about a flame image for the pocket? How could I make a pocket that looks like fire? Is it even possible to cut and sew points that will suggest flame in a pocket shape that will fit a hand slipping into it? Two weeks and about 16 tries later, I finally designed a  pocket shape that did it. The bold yellow flame pocket really lights up the apron.  This apron has it all: a great shape, a sweetheart neckline, and a flirty swing to the skirt. It is an apron for the woman who is really wants to get things sizzling in the kitchen.
      So now we have a "his and hers" apron set for the couple who is ready to have fun in the kitchen.