Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Found: Vintage Half Apron Pattern!

We found this gem of a 1940's mail order pattern for half aprons in each of the suits - hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds.  Women made them to wear to their bridge club gatherings.  Would you love to hear what they talked about over their bridge tables wearing those aprons?

Vintage Heart Apron
The heart half apron pattern won our hearts. We made it as sumptuous as it can be in an amazing Northcott 100% cotton quilting fabric that feels like silk. This apron is the dozen roses and the box of chocolates rolled into one, without the calories and it will never wilt! Exceptional as a shower gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, for those falling in love or those hoping to fall in love. (It just might bring good luck) It celebrates Valentines Day all year long. I already have one set aside for my daughter’s trousseau.

Finished with a 100% cotton sateen waistband and ties, it doesn’t get silkier to the touch than this. This “Romancing the Rose” print is filled with gorgeous long stem red rose bouquets and love notes in gold lettering including: “Together forever,” “I love you”, “You are the one for me,” “My heart is Yours.” This apron is definitely over the top.

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