Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hurricane Irene: Portion of Apple Apron Sales to Go to VT Flood Relief

Hurricane Irene was kind to us. Our house was fine, power came back, the sewing machines are up and running. Fortunately our road (which you see in this photo) had at least one lane open all the way to my twin sister's house.

Many friends and neighbors were dealt a more serious blow. In the middle of those roiling waters, people faced incredible tests of strength and spirit. The stories are boundless.

One woman shared her story facing the Ottaquechee River in Woodstock.  She realized she had to evacuate, got in her car, tried to leave by one road and saw it was flooded. She tried the only other road, but the water rose up around her car. The engine stalled, and the waters began to carry her car into the raging river. The water rose up to the dashboard, and she was unable to open her doors. Luckily, she was able to open a window. She climbed out  the window as the car lodged on a tree. Looking up, she saw a high school boy at the river's edge. He had a rope tied around his waist. He in turn, was tied to his father further up the river bank who also tied to his mother beyond him. The woman reached for the boy and lost her footing. As she was falling into the river, he reached across the hood of the car, and he grabbed her wrists. The son with the father's and mother's strength together pulled her up to safety. If not for those hands, that raging river was ready to take her away.

We have all had moments someone reached out in some way and carried us to safety. Our experience may have been as dramatic as this, or perhaps more subtle. These experiences can change us forever.
The waters from Irene have receded, but our landscape has changed. Many people in Vermont are reeling from the effects. Like so many we want to reach out and help. We decided one way we can help is to donate 10% of the sale of all our apple aprons from now through Christmas to the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund.

The four aprons can be found here:
  • Vintage Apple Full Apron in Red
  • Vintage Apple Full Apron in Green
  • Vintage Apple Half Apron in Red
  • Vintage Apple Half Apron in Green

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Bill Elberty said...

What a nice way to help and remember that the real work after the hurricane is after it is served...just like a meal. Look good while doing good. Not a bad deal.