Saturday, May 17, 2014

Look what's blooming. . .

     After what feels like the longest winter ever, spring green has begun to pop through our newly leafed trees. Our perennials have braved their first few green inches. Our ancient lilac bush has buds that are starting to look serious about sprouting some time soon.
      But here at the shop we already have blooms! Yes, lilac blooms! In fabric of, course. I am so excited about our newly listed Oven Mitt in Lilacs.
      Growing up in Rochester, I lived close to the incredible Highland Park. This public park is home to every known species of lilac bush. Back in my days of jogging in Rochester, I planned my jogging route to finish off with a run through Highland Park. When the lilacs were in bloom, I was inspired by their incredible scent which started almost a mile away! I will always have a special place in my heart for lilacs. I grabbed as much of this fabric as I could.
      We have lots of other flower finds in the shop for you to enjoy. Our Womans Apron in Pink Posies  makes a great apron in the kitchen and the garden. It's available in plus size too. For a tropical treat, we have just a very few left of our Womens Swing Apron in Hibiscus. For girls we have our Child’s Apron in Pink Posies  which is as pretty as it gets.  The most romantic of all our aprons are the roses in our Womens Romantic Roses Apron.
      We love all our flowers that give us hope & joy all year long. Yours for the picking.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chocolates, Anyone?

     How about this Chocolates Apron as aValentine gift for your sweetie?  Chocolates that will never melt and calorie free!
      As a great chocolate-lover you can imagine how excited I was to find a fabric filled with chocolates.  This print is that just opened box of chocolates waiting for you to pick out your favorite. Topped off with sugary frosting pink. It doesn’t get much more indulgent that this.  Isn’t that what Valentines Day is all about?  I had to add that pink heart pocket.
     Our shop is filled with hearts. We have heart pockets in our Vintage Red Apples Apron and our Green Apples Apron and our Hibiscus Apron. We have lots of wonderful hearts to choose from with four half aprons in Red and White Polk Dots, saucy Leopard, Pink Zebra Stripes, and maybe most romantic of all, our Romancing the Rose print.  Then, of course, there is the Queen of Hearts.
     Yes, we love hearts, and wish you all a Happy Hearts Day.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Oh joy!

      As I sit sewing away in my sewing room amidst bolts of fabric, I sometimes wonder about who these items will go to.  It is my hope that the aprons, oven mitts and chef hats I make will bring some fun to kitchen chores, some delight in gift-giving, some measure of joy in people’s lives, and maybe some good will and love will get spread around in the process.

     Well, today I got a real treat when a mom kindly passed on to me a  photo of her wonderful young daughter who just received her Blue Star Vermont oven mitt and chef hat. She describes her little girl as “my little sous chef, who has pulled a chair up beside me in the kitchen pretty much since she could walk.”  In this photo, her joy rings out loud and clear! Makes it all worthwhile.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quilting Time

     The 2013 holiday season meant burning the midnight oil through lots of long nights of sewing to fill everyone's holiday wishes. As a bit of a sewing vacation for me and my trusty sewing machine (which has never once failed me) I decided to take a break from sewing aprons, oven mitts and chef hats. I thought I would look at my own sewing wish list and started that overdue baby quilt for my precious nephew, Jay. I just finished it in the nick of time for his first birthday this week!
     Jay's mom requested greens and brown and I could add my favorite color blue. I thought all these bouncing balls of color would delight his young eyes. All those circles seemed like the right way to celebrate the wonderful circles and cycles of his life. Lots of love got sewn into this quilt
      I thought I would also share with you the quilt I made several years ago for Jay's brother, Max. Max and his mom had a challenging delivery because Max decided to come into the world face first. All went well for both of them, but after that delivery, Max wasn't able to open his eyes for his first day. So this wonderful, determined little boy met his family, not seeing, but listening. I wanted to make a quilt that matched his spirit. I began to imagine leaves in the wind for his quilt and spent quite a bit of time and some false starts experimenting with ways to make leaves. While struggling with this quilt, I learned I had to go inside myself, and like little Max on his first day, I had to listen. This quilt is what I heard.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best wishes for a wonderful 2014!

     Here is one great batch of cookies that Blue Star Vermont had a hand in. Yes, those are our insulated  children's oven mitts, just right for these wonderful wee hands, our aprons and chef hats too. So glad we could be a part of all this baking fun.
      We have heard reports of lots of holiday cookies pulled out of the oven with our mitts and lots of Blue Star Vermont aprons opened under the Christmas tree.  We have loved being a part of holiday giving.
     Best wishes for a wonderful 2014!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

We found blue!

           Blue Star Vermont has two dedicated rooms in our house (although my patient and loving husband might point out the times when it seems to take over the whole house) These two rooms are swimming in color. Bolts and bolts of vibrant color.  We love color.  I bet you can guess our favorite color. Yes, it is blue, of course. I have been searching for a great blue fabric for aprons for quite a while now.
           I finally found not one, but two.  The first is a delicious treat.  Blueberry muffins, popping fresh out of the oven in their wonderful blue checked paper muffin cups. We had to pick a vintage pattern for this fabric and went for a  1950's swingy, dancy skirt and our favorite  flattering sweetheart neckline. Here's our Vintage Apron in Blueberry Muffins and our Oven Mitt in Blueberry 
Muffins to match.
           Our second blue apron, just in time for blueberry picking season, is our Women's Apron in Blueberries.  This blueberries print is a sweet and as blue as it gets. Wonderful blueberries in gorgeous shades of cobalt blues, set off with a leafy green.  For the shape of this apron,  I decided on something new.  I adapted a 1950's pattern to give it just a bit of swing to the skirt, for those who want  just a bit of feminine and flirty fun. Check out that blueberry of a two-tone flapped pocket. Of course there is an Oven Mitt is Blueberries to match.
     So now you can choose blue at Blue Star Vermont!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Grilling Time is Coming!

        The snow is  finally melting here in Vermont! Yes, patches of dirt are beginning to show in our yard.  That means grilling time is around the corner. Although we know many of you are dedicated year round grillers, no matter what the temperature is outside. To celebrate the upcoming warm and sunny seasons, we have added two new Studly Mens Aprons to our shop.
       First, our Mens Hot Chili Pepper Apron. Could this be the perfect apron for your favorite Hot Tamale?    We adapted a wonderful old "his and hers" apron pattern from the 1950s (the gentleman shown in the pattern was smoking a pipe) and warmed it up in this terrific red and green print packed with chili peppers.  We think this apron is smokin' hot. Fully lined in black cotton, this apron is substantial and really does a good job of protecting clothes from any splatter.
     Look left to see our other new apron. Holy cow! What a great burger flippin' apron. Check out these mouth watering  burgers. They've got lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sesame seed buns, even bacon. To finish it off, we added that  ketchup red pocket. We were told by our vegetarians friends that those flying burgers were veggie burgers, so we know this apron will appeal to everyone.  This Mens Burger Flippin' Apron is generously sized and with extra long 35" back ties and that nifty d-ring at the neck strap, it is made to fit the biggest guys.
     And like that favorite boyfriend shirt, these aprons just might get snagged by you know